Monthly Archives: June 2017

“Empty, Forever Empty” Tarot Spread

I was rewatching my favorite Louie CK clip tonight. I love him because he can say things like this and still be funny. Use this spread to tap into the magic of your own “empty, forever empty.” If you decide to try out this spread, be sure to tag me in your pics on Instagram! […]

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Tarot Deck Interview: Triomphes de la Lune

Triomphes de la Lune

The Triomphes de la Lune arrived today! This is my most Marseilles-style tarot deck to date and it feels like a good fit already. We had a long little talk and got to know each other. Thought I’d share. k: Tell me about yourself. TdlL: Valet de Deniers; I am very earthy and I am […]

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