Tarot Deck Interview: Triomphes de la Lune

The Triomphes de la Lune arrived today! This is my most Marseilles-style tarot deck to date and it feels like a good fit already. We had a long little talk and got to know each other. Thought I’d share.

k: Tell me about yourself.

TdlL: Valet de Deniers; I am very earthy and I am a risk taker. I like real world stuff and getting my hands dirty. Diving into new things and figuring them out.

k: What will our relationship be like?

TdlL: II of Swords; I will help you make decisions. Together we will weigh the options and figure out the best choices to make. See how I have only one eye open? That’s so I can get a closer look. Oh, and I love to talk. So I prefer free form conversations over spreads please.

k: What do you ask of me?

TdlL: Le Bateleur (reversed); I ask that you take a good look at how your inner fantasies measure up to what’s really going on in your world. Don’t get me wrong, fantasies are great. And we’re going to get straight to work on manifesting some of that. But first you need to decide what it is you’d like to manifest and let the other stuff go for now. And as I said, I’m happy to help with the decision-making.

k: What will I learn from working with you?

TdlL: Le Diable (reversed); I know this card has been giving you a hard time, but it sounds so much nicer in French, oui? You already know le Diable is all about boundaries and structure. It is about time you got to work on building some of that into your life, don’t you think? Remember what you told that guy in college when you found out he had a girlfriend? Choosing to be with two is the cruelest way of choosing to be alone. Okay, you’re not being cruel to anyone, but saying yes to every obstacle and opportunity that comes your way isn’t getting you what you want either.

k: How would you feel if I kept you all to myself and didn’t use you to read for anyone else?

TdlL: VII Cups; Oh, I really like the sound of that. I’m looking forward to working with you.

k: And how would you feel if I did use you to read for others?

TdlL: III Swords (reversed); But you just said.. what the hell?! (Obviously hurt.)

k: Just wondering if it would ever be a possibility?

TdlL: IX Batons; It sounds like a lot of work. (Still pouting..this deck has some personality!)

k: Okay, how about we focus on getting to know each other for now and revisit that topic down the road?

TdlL: Okay, I can work with that.

The, now OOP, Triomphes de la Lune is the limited French edition of the Trionfi della Luna created by Patrick Valenza. You may be familiar with another popular deck of his called the Deviant Moon Tarot. If you are interested in learning more about the decks Patrick still has in print, you can find them here.


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