The Hanged Man (and some women)

Did I clean myself well.

Is it enough
that I licked myself clean
like a cat
with my own saliva.

Did I hang in there
long enough
to see
what you wanted me to see.

Did I hear that correctly.

Did you lay this down
before me
so that I could pick it up
or so that I could ignore it.

Was it enough
that I hung in there.

That I wielded your fire for you.

That I carried your torch for you.

That I buried your sword.

you made it clear
that this
was the private part
meant for my eyes only.

Was it enough
that I hung in
while you grappled
with what part of you
was meant to be seen
and what needed to be cleaned
and made worthy.

Was it enough
that I kept vigil
while you worked it out.

I ask
because I haven’t seen you
in awhile
and I still have this candle
just waiting to hear
if you are safe.

Medieval Europe Tarot by Vladymyr Strannykov © NYIV Deluxe Cards

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