private yoga & meditation

Brand new to yoga or meditation? Just getting back into it? Concerned that you won’t be able to keep up in class or that you won’t be able to sit still? Working privately with a personal instructor can help!

Whether it’s feeling a bit out of shape, unfamiliar with the terminology, or simply experiencing some social anxiety, practicing yoga in a group can be overwhelming for some. My specialty is helping beginners to feel less overwhelmed as they build a strong foundation. I struggled through some physical challenges of my own since I was young, so I’ve been there. And I’ve seen firsthand how yoga can help.

Meditation can also be a challenge. Feel like your mind will never quiet down? Just not sure if you’re “doing it right?” My specialty is meditating with, not against, the distractions. And meditating together, one on one, you will have guidance right at hand that is customized especially for you.

I am currently available for private meditation instruction. Due to the quarantine, all sessions will be held online via GoogleMeet.

Want to learn more? Drop me a line here.

Or book a live GoogleMeet Meditation Session here.

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First Aid/CPR/AED | American Red Cross | August 2016

Level One Reiki | Usui Shiki Ryoho | Feb 2015

25 hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training | Hosh Yoga | Oct 2014

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training | Conquering Lion Yoga | June 2014

anjaneyasana | crescent moon pose

adho mukha svanasana | down dog

utthita parsvakonasana | extended side angle

baddha parsvakonasana | bound side angle

halasana | plow pose